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Drum and bass


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I've been rising this mix lately. One of the freshest, dopest dnb mixes I've heard:



All the Samurai podcasts are on point, really. This one's awesome and contains Autechre & Aphex in addition to modern dnb:


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i don't know much about drum and bass genre but is there something that is as awesome like timeless from goldie?

Adam F - Circles


There's nothing like Timeless, not even Goldie or Rob who actually made the track made anything like it. If you're after atmospheric jungle then there's tons of tracks like that on Good Looking Records, Moving Shadow, Creative Source, etc. Photek would be another one who made similar tracks but not as melodic as Timeless, T-Power mid 90's work is also great.

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lol no idea if this is jazz or what at this point in time (I've not kept up on DnB for almost 15 years lol) but I love this track. Watched Pulp Fiction a couple weekends ago and spotted all the samples. 


6 minutes ago, Braintree said:

This classic got a remaster. Of the few purely dnb albums I own, this one has gotten played pretty regularly over the years.

Love it - Klute is highly underrated IMO. Casual Bodies is a great album, Emperors New Clothes was good too. Admittedly haven't heard his newer albums though. 

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On 12/8/2020 at 5:26 PM, kloffy said:

Virus* Recordings embracing our socially distanced existence, striking the perfect balance between club visuals and dank memes.

*) Coincidence? Yes, coincidence...

oh my god, this is epic


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