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Black Dog Productions - Kiss FM 1993

Gateaux Fabulous

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My brother recorded this set (must have been 1993 cos it has exclusive Transparent Balls tracks on it). I've just had a tidy and put it on my computer so I'm sharing it.


Not complete but have listened to it 100s of times over the years and slowly working out the tracks. It took me 20 years to identify the Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass track.


Can anyone identify the unknown tracks?


Part 1



XTC - Beat the Bible
Something short and synthy
FUSE - slac
Arthur Russell - treehouse
Global Communication - ob-selon-mi-nos
think this is vapourspace
Apocalypse Now scene
don’t know - great track - what is it?
Carl Craig - Neurotic behaviour
hip hop ending w. Just Ice
Part 2
Carl Craig - Neurotic behaviour
don’t know - maybe unreleased black dog (synth sounds quite Norte Route-ish)
don’t know - great track - what is it?
Directional Force - airwalk
don’t know - great track - what is it?
Choice - acid Eiffel
don’t know
tracks from Temple of transparent balls (exclusives at the time)
Florence - quarter traxx
Carl Craig - Neurotic behaviour (think they like this track)
Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass - meetings along the edge (amazing track)
UR - the final frontier
Choice - acid Eiffel
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i just want 2 say thankyou, i am overjoyed with the quality of these two mixes and they have provided an exceptional soundtrack 2 my sunday.

Sadly i am a 12 yr old uneducated cretin so cant help u on naming these wonderful tracks :(

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I'm sure i could help with the unknowns, but, had a problem trying to download the mixes.

Had a malware attack that tried taking over my browser. I've fixed the problem but am worried about trying again :\

I may have a copy of this tape in my kiss100 tape box.. the track list looks very familiar.

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part 1 has the Pharsyde - Passing me By @46:17

part 2 has Mood- Metaphysical Mix @1:13
Kings of Sparta @31:56
Sharp Shooting on Saturn @36:27
Neurotic Behaviour @54:05
Meetings Along the Edge @61:22
Final Frontier @69:09

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