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Best/most reliable news source?


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Quick question:


What do you find best and useful news source? (nationality doesn't matter, as long as it is English speaking of course)

Looking for some sites to follow, as I want to be oriented on international news. But the only site I've ever found appealing is The Guardian.


Thanks in advance.

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Reading this article from Infowars and saw this:


"Socialists, be they “red” or “nationalist,” invariably purge and murder all opposition in order to gain, consolidate and hold power."


No, dictators purge and murder the opposition in order to gain power, it's not an inherent part of socialism. What an mind-bogglingly stupid sentence.


Socialism/Communism/Marxism =/= Dictatorship (sorry i turned this into some sort of political thing but it infuriates me when people think/say stuff like this)

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Rubin Farr



edit: also BBC and other news sites to find the facts out in amongst the bias/fiction. Not that it's impossible for all news sites on the internet to carry incorrect/false information simultaneously.

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I liked The Guardian until they launched the awful US site. It can be a bit tabloid-y.


right? I was wondering wtf was up with that, you don't normally see 'articles' about Kimmy's latest pubic wax mishap or whatever on the old Guard.

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slashdot is great, though it focuses on nerd subjects


the best news source is not one news source. use several. i finally got around to making some rss pages on yahoo, so i can see 10 headlines each from a bunch of sources on one page. cant believe i didnt realize i could do that, i'd had an rss ticker that i never paid attention to and was hitting up a set of sites in a much more time consuming way.


nytimes has an ap wire feed page where they put up (all?) ap stories as they come in

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generally, but i always skip about th internets, willy-nilly, to-and-fro . here is th list of several i visit, tht i can think of without too much effort..




the independent

al jazeera

​the guardian




earth first


​whiteout press






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I get all of my current affairs information from an RSS feed set up to update me with everything Compson posts on every forum he visits. It's very informational and I imagine pretty unbiased.

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