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North Pole of Jupiter

Absolutely love the logo for it.         edit: damn, all I see now is oompa loompa hair.

Posted Images

that landing footage is lush af. i can't believe they have a helicopter. and perseverance is huge, 7ft x 10ft x 9ft.


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I wrongly assumed that the SpaceX Starships were the first fully reusable launch vehicles, but apparently there were already functional prototypes of fully reusable launch vehicles built in the '90s!


McDonnell Douglas Delta Clipper
"The DC-X, short for Delta Clipper or Delta Clipper Experimental, was an uncrewed prototype of a reusable single-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle built by McDonnell Douglas in conjunction with the United States Department of Defense's Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) from 1991 to 1993. Starting 1994 until 1995, testing continued through funding of the US civil space agency NASA. In 1996, the DC-X technology was completely transferred to NASA, which upgraded the design for improved performance to create the DC-XA." ... "...cause for considerable political in-fighting within NASA due to it competing with their home grown Lockheed Martin X-33 / VentureStar project." ... "...cancelled..."
McDonnell Douglas DC-X Launch 8
"On July 7, 1995 a rocket known as the Delta Clipper Experimental (DC-X)  launched into the sky.  This is the world's first fully reusable rocket vehicle. Flight 8 proved that the vehicle could turn over into a re-entry profile and re-orient itself for landing.  This flight took place at the White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico."

Beautiful. ♥
It was sub-orbital and didn't carry a lot of payload though, but still: an amazing achievement.
Nasa should've developed it further imo.
(also, most of their tests didn't explode, lol)

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The Perseverance rover has recorded the 1st laser sound on Mars.

"These recordings have demonstrated that our microphone is not only functioning well, but we also have a very high-quality signal for our scientific studies," SuperCam team member Naomi Murdoch, a researcher at the Institut Supérieur de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace in Toulouse, France


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showed a friend of mine the audio samples and a bunch of photos of mars last weekend.. he shrugged it off, saying he doesn't believe it's real. so many hippie/alternative folks I know have this mindset, completely blows my mind!! wtf???

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Scientists have now confirmed that an unusually powerful particle of antimatter crashed down into Antarctica back in December 2016.



Doing this requires the extremely-tiny antineutrino to carry 6.3 petaelectronvolts, or the amount of energy of 6.3 quadrillion electrons accelerated by a single volt. That’s the same, Live Science calculated, as 6,300 mosquitos traveling at one mile per hour — or one mosquito traveling 8.2 times the speed of sound.

That’s 450 times the energy that the Large Hadron Collider is expected to produce after it’s done being upgrade, Live Science reports, meaning scientists are left waiting for these bizarre, rare phenomena to happen on their own in nature.

This is interesting because one alternative to building particle accelerators with ever increasing power (and size) is to observe the particles coming from space and hitting our atmosphere. The universe can generate particles with much higher energies than what we could ever even dream of generating on Earth. The hard part is of course trying to observe them because these events are really anomalous.

Also lol at the 6300 mosquitos. But it's an incredible energy for a single sub-atomic particle.

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4 hours ago, very honest said:


You can listen to some of the recordings of the Perseverance Mars Rover on the NASA Soundcloud page:
Could be interesting to analyze the sounds in the 16 min recording.
What I guess we hear:
- Metallic wheels bumping into rocks.
- Metal on metal clunking.
- Dusty wind whooshing along the vehicle.
- Rocky sand in the hollow part of the wheels.
- Loose leftover protective anti-static foil / insulation material / other wrapping foil shaking in the wind.
- Metal on metal grinding. Maybe the weight on the arms of the wheels. Or a hinge of one of the instruments turning.
- Plastic on plastic grinding.
- A rat stuck in the vehicle screaming for his life. : )
- A binary message being transmitted to the rover by an intelligent digital martian life-form. : )

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bit more detail and explanation in here, but that PBS Spacetime vid^ is also a good one. more explanations i can get of this high-level stuff helps me understand, or at least get about as close as i can expect lol... still all up in the air tho, at about 20 minutes they start to get to the cold water 'okay well maybe it's not a new particle' discussion. i think the physicists kinda just want something new to be there tbh, but obv there's some shit that needs to be figured out one way or the other.

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