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jeff bezos is garbage, less than a leftover amazon envelope, human trash, the bourgeoisie's representative sent into space through the collective capital of countless successive generations laughing and having fun, the universe today proved it's not chill when it let that craft land

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the bourgeoisie live in a realm disconnected from reality. the relations of production place below them an immense capital and labor force ready to work for their right to food and shelter to meet the whimsical dreams of the owning class.  the bourgeois class merely dreams its own reality into existence as requests are made, orders are barked, and purchases are finalized.  quasi demigods incarnate in flesh from the worship we all perform at the table of capital and money, only destroyable through a reign of righteous temporary hell of revolution against the owning class until that artificial agreement which upholds them is forgotten and stepped past, allowing the entire worshiping act to end

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the inseparable links we hold to the earth belch forth machines of transcendent power as we dance to the tune of the supercomputers controlled by the bourgeois stock market trading systems. the bourgeoisie who requested them step in unaware and uncaring for the millions and billions of struggling people whose despicable material conditions are preconditions for the wealth inequality that allowed such jewels of magnificent engineering to be controlled by one pathetic monkey

this bitch nerd should have been bullied harder maybe hed be less of a worthless scumbag


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