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1 hour ago, azatoth said:

I really hope the JWST launch and deployment is successful. It's sure to make groundbreaking discoveries.

I know, imagine the bigger picture of the universe we will have in a decade, or 2 or 3. The returns on this investment will be exponential.

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SpaceX Inspiration4: first low-earth-orbital spaceflight with only private citizens / non-scientist crew.

- Altitude: 585 km = 364 miles high
 - Duration: 3 days
 - Period: 96.2 minutes per orbit
 - Rocket: Falcon 9 Block 5
 - Ship: Crew Dragon Resilience

So, any watmmers here going to buy a ticket for the next flight?

Also, I think we should open a bar / club in low-earth-orbit.
Maybe a copy of the Flux Nightclub or Chora's Den from the Citadel from Mass Effect 1.

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