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yeah i read something about how the doom 3 engine simulates the way light actually behaves pretty well. earths atmosphere complicates the way things look a lot, but other celestial bodies with little or no atmosphere look just like doom 3, they got it right.

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On a side note, I recently rediscovered these brilliant films from Disney circa the 1950s, they were so spot on about space travel, and the Space Shuttle program, it was scary.  Mostly using captured German scientists from WWII that helped develop the V-2 Rocket and Atom Bomb.  It pisses me off this brilliant animation has been lost to history, as the only way you could own it was on limited edition DVDs I acquired back in the 90s.  Really good stuff for science nerds.  And yes, that's Orson Welles narrating it.

BTW, I've sampled the shit out of these DVDs, LOL.
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This really is a boner jamz '03 for science nerds.  If you saw the movie version of Contact back in 1996, they used a clip of Clinton commenting on the microbe discovery on Mars way back in the 90s, and it was prophetic.  Will this change the course of action at NASA in terms of exploration?  They have a pretty concrete and budget wise plan extending out for several decades I believe, and space exploration hasn't been a priority to Obama, George Bush Jr. made a bullshit commitment to NASA back during the Irag invasion, but only to save his ass with public opinion.



I hope JPL and Cape Canaveral really have a contingency plan to maximize our exploration of Mars, this might change the entire human mission to that planet, but what do I know?  Let NASA speak for themselves.  I hope if a Republican gets elected into office, they don't try to discount hard scientific evidence because of their 2000 year old christian super hero / zombie bullshit.

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