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interesting trivia regarding IZ-US

Guest rd1994

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So. In Germany here we have this magazine called "Groove Magazine" which is for Electronica and the like basically. In there we have a category called "20 Questions to..." where random DJs/artists ask a musician the magazine picked. In the recent issue it was none other than aphex. Pretty generic questions like "What do you try to achieve with a track. Whats your favortie synth?" etc etc. But towards the end there was a question that was interesting it started of really bad like "IZ-US is a track that means a lot to me and made me wanting to make music" bla bla bla but now it gets interesting: "Who's that talking about someone making a big face and who is he talking to?" the answer (I don't have the magazine so I am just paraphrasing here. "Its my (at the time) 4 year old cousin. I wanted to sample his voice, but he wouldn't say a thing. So I ran after him making faces before he just laughed and said "Stop making that big face!" so I put it in the track.

Oh and also Skrillex asked if he could drive Rich's tank. His answer was something like "Oh yeah, if he's in the area, he should give me a call and he can, if he still wants to."

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I always thought it was his sister...

Me too. I guess this debunks my theory that IZ-US (read backwards) means Susy, that being the name of one of his sisters talking, but apparently it's a boy's voice.
Nah, it's a song about Suzi Quatro
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