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Chris Cunningham


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In a recent video interview with Tom Jenkinson (I think it was Resident Advisor), Tom mentioned that he's done several video projects with Chris over the years, but none have seen the light of day - but he added that maybe soon they might.

Amazing Chris can make a career out of his talents and you almost never hear of anything he actually releases or is a part of!

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16 minutes ago, Braintree said:

Looks fucking awesome.

yeah. looked amazing. it was years ago though.. i'm guessing it happened in some spaces somewhere over there. 

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So this is edited and soundtracked by the same CC that did most of the Aphex videos?

Ah cool looks like it is:


In these exceptional times, Dior reinvents its passion for excellence through captivating dialogues between fashion and creation in all its forms, from painting to film. At the crossroads of contemporary art and documentary, the video revealing the Dior Summer 2021 men's collection is presented in two parts: a first installment edited & sound tracked by the video artist Chris Cunningham with images shot in London and at Amoako Boafo's studio in Ghana; and a second unveiling Kim Jones's creations, directed by Jackie Nickerson.


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2 hours ago, Enthusiast said:

I watched his bit. I’m laughing in despair that a man of his talents is editing a lame promo for Dior. 

yeah...man's gotta eat. I really liked the sound work tho. paintings are alright too

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