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the sony hacking scandal

Rubin Farr

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i think most of the suspicion is meant to try and leverage information about what the gov knows and how they came about that knowledge. if the ip evidence is weak and the gov is sure it was NK then what else is there and did they come into that info by running an 'unethical' internet spying apparatus e.g. installing indiscriminate backdoors in hardware, compromising foreign networks etc.


another theory would be that the attack came from an extorting third party who deliberately gave away indicators that would lead investigators towards NK while collecting money from sony who wouldn't say anything because of embarrassment and fears of sensitive stuff being leaked. but idk if i really believe the fbi is that incompetent.


The FBI probably had human intelligence that they're relying on, which they don't want to expose, along with other methods of information gathering.

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A group of Russian hackers had — and possibly still has — unauthorized access to the network of Sony Pictures Entertainment, according to a report published on Wednesday by Taia Global.





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As often is the case with ousted studio heads, Pascal will launch a major new production venture at the studio. Pascal, whose deal was up in March, will transition to the new venture in May.


Dat corporate parachute.

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