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Monolake - X I E


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Robert Henke has announced a new after 3 years coming out some time this month. His website [http://roberthenke.com/releases/ml-027.html] doesn't offer much info but RA did a lil write up about it - http://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=27370

Info on next years live performances, pulling an AE: http://roberthenke.com/concerts/ML2015.html


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i likeh the monolakes. is t++ still involved or was that a brief stint?


I think Polygon Cities was the last one where Pröfrock was involved with, since then it's been all Henke. T++ was only for a brief stint, the other album he was involved with was Cinemascope.

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Theres 2 more of these E.ps out now, the new one D E C in particular sounds tasty but dont know whether to wait for them all to be complied into an album which is meant to come out next year I think. Does anyone now how many parts there is going to be to this series?






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