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Humanoid - Built by Humanoid

Rubin Farr

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Just knocked together an album of various oddities and offcuts from the last ten or so years, I think it's as good as the album itself. Mostly more straight-forward acid, less IDMness.

01. 1.0.1
02. Acid to the Bone
03. Posthuman
04. Words of the Elders
05. Infrablack-080101-215
06. Posthuman (Roel Funcken Remix)
07. Stakker Humanoid (2018)
08. Skatter
09. Blunt
10. Intermodal Container
11. Far Point
12. Spore
13. Quantel
14. Co-Pilot
15. Hull
16. Kuhn Tig
17. Uling
18. st8818r

I recommend tracking 'em all down.

(1 & 2 from Your Body Sub-Atomic. 6 from Roel Funken - Dear of the Yog. 7-9 from 30303 EP. 10 from FSOL 2018 Calendar. 12-15 from Built by Humanoid bonus EP. 16 from FSOL 2019 Calendar. The rest are from compilations).

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42 minutes ago, purlieu said:

I have a very similar playlist, but thanks for posting — there’s a couple on here I don’t have. 

Still hoping for Brian to post his Flow Coma remix. 

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Ah yeah, that uses the FSOL : Digitana SX-1 synth - think Brian might have been involved in some of the production aspects of the score, too. They do a lot of work together.

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