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Chromatics - Dear Tommy

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01 Fresh Blood

02 In Films

03 Time Rider

04 I Can Never Be Myself When You're Around

05 Cherry

06 She Says

07 Just Like You

08 4 A.M.

09 Teacher

10 Camera

11 Dear Tommy

12 Touch Blue

13 After Hours

14 Shadow

15 In Silence

16 Colorblind

17 Endless Sleep


Infoz from Pitchfork:

"It'll be out "in time for Valentine's Day" (a set date hasn't been announced) via Italians Do It Better.


This isn't the only project Johnny Jewel has in the pipeline, though. Glass Candy's album Body Work and Symmetry's Still Life are also in the works. Jewel's soundtrack for Ryan Gosling's film Lost River will also be released on Italians Do It Better next year. "


Link: http://pitchfork.com/news/57714-chromatics-announce-new-album-dear-tommy/




Shadow is up on Jewel's soundcloud:


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Have a feeling this album is going to be their best yet. Still no proper release date though??

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This had med fooled. The album popped up in Wimp in a few weeks back, and I instantly thought it was the new Chromatics album. Listened to it a couple of times and didn't really like it. Thought they had taken a weird turn stylistically. And now I just realized it's another band with an album called Chromatics. The cover design and all is a bit too similar to The Chromatics' aesthetic, and the timing seemed about right for the announced Valentine's day thing.


The good part - there is still hopes for the new Chromatics album. :cisfor:




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