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Selling some CD bundles from my private collection. PM me if interested. Shipping goes from Germany to worldwide. Please ask for shipping costs.


Hymen, Ad Noiseam & Antzen Rec. bundle 18 CDs + 1 DVD (CDs are NM / packages VG+ to NM) 45 €


- Mad EP - The Madlands Trilogy 3CD (Ad Noiseam)

- CDatakill - Valentine (Ad Noiseam)
- Contagious Orgasm - Ripple (Ant-Zen)
- Exocet - Violation (Ant-Zen)
- Mad EP - Not Afraif Of Spiders (Hymen)
- Enduser - Form Without Function (Hymen)
- Snog - Beyond The Valley Of The Proles (Hymen)
- Snog - The Last Days Of Rome (Hymen)
- Somatic Responses - Pounded Mass (Hymen)
- End - The Sick Generation (Hymen)
- Hecate - Seven Veils Of Silence (Hymen)
- Nymphomatriach (aka Venetian Snares & Hecate) - Nymphomatriach (Hymen) --> Promo CD in cardboard jacket with artwork


- Ad Noiseam 2001-2006 2CD+DVD (Ad Noiseam)
- Lapsed + Nonnon - The Death Of Convenience (Ad Noiseam)
- Hypnoskull - Dark Skies Over Planet.E (Ant-Zen)


Planet µ bundle 15 CDs (CDs are NM / packages VG+ to NM) 40 €


- The Gasman - This One's For You (NM/NM)

- The Gasman - Audiogold (NM/VG+)
-The Gasman - Love Collection (NM/NM)
- Exile - Pro Agonist (NM/NM)
- Shitmat - Grooverider (M/VG+)
- OOO - Upon Cycles (NM/NM)
- Chevron - Everything's Exactly The Same (NM/NM)
- Last Step aka Venetian Snares - Last Step (M/NM)
- Electronic Music Composer - Abandon Music (NM/NM)
- Kyler - Pur Coys Tales (NM/VG+)
- Datach'i - Mmale & Ffemale (NM/NM)
- Konx-Om-Pax - Regional Surrealism (NM/M) --> Promo CD in plastic sheet with cover
- Ra - Ev. Panic Redone (NM/NM)
- Milanese - Extend (NM/VG+)
- Tim Exile - Tim Exile's Nuisance Gabbaret Lounge (NM/NM)


M-nus Records 4 CDs (CDs are NM / packages VG+ to NM) 10 €


- Magda - She's A Dancing Machine (NM/VG+)

- Troy Pierce - Gone Astray (M/M) --> keine Promo!
- JPLS - Twilite (NM/VG+)
- v.a. - minMAX (NM/NM)


Big Dada Promo Package 7 CDs (CDs & packages VG+ to NM) 8 €


- Diplo - Florida

- Ty - Wait A Minute
- TTC - 3615 (Original-Release!)
- New Flesh - Universally Dirty
- Lotek Hi-Fi - Lotek Hi-Fi
- Bigg Jus - Black Mamba Serums v2.0
- Cadence Weapon - Afterparty Babies

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    • By headplastic
      hey WATMM, thanks for your help and interesting ideas about IDM/braindance the last time I posted a topic. The feedback was humbling for the research, plus the sarcasm and general lels were pretty helpful too lmao

      If you are interested in helping further, I put together a quick, structured form to more easily track some community data for both idm/braindance related queries and representational data:


      If you choose to participate, you can be sure that all of the data is anonymous and no information is tracked beyond your answers (no emails, names, anything that specifically identifies you). Since this project is limited in its scope, WATMM is one of two online communities associated with idm/braindance/post-techno, whatever it may be called, to be analyzed for this research. The other is r/idm on reddit, mostly because these two forums are the ones I have most experience with/are most active.

      Plus, any more thoughts or questions on the research are more than welcome in this thread

      If you're curious to know where my research has taken me since I last engaged with you: The topic of what 'IDM' is became more necessary than I had intended, mainly because, as many of you pointed out, it's exhausted but there is still obvious uncertainty. I have come to the conclusion that while 'IDM' was historically used to classify certain artists and post-rave, explorative techno music, its definition has changed in the last twenty years to more accurately represent a philosophy behind making electronic music, or as some people have noted "a way of life". Not to mention 'IDM' was coined by Americans in an interpretation of what Warp was doing with AI. The tongue-and-cheek just got out of hand in the mainstream ('mainstream' being the commercial sector of widely accessible music, image, and other media). The term has controversy, and discussing it is exhausting, but it's still used popularly and has an interesting history to it. but enough of that
      There is much more to the research, mostly exploring how 'popular music' is much different today than it was 10, 20 and especially 30 years ago. There is some rave history involved and the transition from subcultural movement to commercial enterprise (raves > clubbing), and how electronic music blew up mainstream. Also I touch on online fandom and 'prosuming', as today us as fans add to the narrative of artists and engage with them in the digital space. if any of this interests you, feel free to comment or PM
      anyways, thanks again
    • By justanotheruser
      Album entirely recorded using archaic recording devices. 
      Any thoughts? 
    • By justanotheruser
      I would like to share with you, beautiful people, my very first album release: "ReconoɔǝЯ".
      The following is an attempt at creating a “palindromic” record, meaning that it can be listened to from both sides: “(..) an attempt to materialize the backs and forths of life (…) It is music without a starting corner, but it takes the idea of a corner and turns it into a circle. The idea of the beginning being repeated at the end and the end at the beginning…”.
      Entirely recorded using archaic recording devices, such as Sony TC250, Fostex X18, Walkmans, among them.
      Hope you guys enjoy it. Love you all ♥
    • By dcom
      Crunchy-glitchy melodic electronics harking back to early 2000s IDM. Highly recommended.
    • By dcom
      Beautiful classic dancefloor IDM leaning EP (think B12, Stasis, Degiorgio) from iNFO. Highly recommended.
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