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SP 505 Groove Sampling Workstation

Danny O Flannagin

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Bought one of these after falling in love with the SP 303. Unfortunately the workflow just didn't work out for me and it felt less like a piece of gear and more like a computer running a subpar DAW. That being said, it is still a very powerful machine that does things the SP 303 could never dream of doing (keyboard pitch, 4 track sequencer, auto chop) as well as providing all the same effects as the 303 (and yes Vinyl Sim still sounds legendary on the 505)



Selling it for $190 plus shipping charges. (I live in the US so shipping to UK might be impractical)


Includes 16 Mb smart media card and 14V power adapter(which are kind of hard to come by)


Reply to thread or PM me if interested

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