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Danny O Flannagin

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Guest murphythecat8

yeah, chris rock, bill burr, louis ck, patrice oneil, the old stuff of Pryor, george carlin, colinn quinn.


just to name a few, im lazy.

some rogan stuff also.


Ill post a list later on of my favorites

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yeah hedberg is great.


been checking out sam kinison lately. never knew bill hicks took so much of his style from him. some growls and cadences are just lifted from him, even. clearly hicks was very inspired by kinison. he did refine and expand on the approach, and portrayed his own character, of course.




nobody mentioned george carlin yet? too obvious? if you're not familiar with him, go for his older stuff, of which there is a lot. his last 2 or 3 specials were a little weak, relatively, imo.

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All of the above, plus, don't completely vouch for, but do enjoy them on the Joe Rogan Experience: Ari Shaffir, Duncan Trussell, Joey Diaz. Saw Duncan and Ari at a show, and it was quality. They aren't legend level like Louis C.K., and Bill Burr though.

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Here's a 24/7 shoutcast stream that plays stand-up bits. Listening to stand-up while going to sleep, is it strange? It's a nice change of pace from positive ambient. Sometimes you will hear repeats but there's lots of old jems. Sometimes I hear early Richard Pryor, Seinfeld, Carlin, etc. And lots of people I've never heard of and end up looking up on youtube.


I use winamp, and usually just search the shoutcast directory for standup or comedy, here's one:


You can just open the url in winamp or whichever media player.

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Everyone I thought of immediately has already been mentioned, except David Cross. For all his cynical snarky anger he's a really nice guy. He literally bumped into me and my wife at a free SXSW show and was like super apologetic and polite.



I like these folks though too:







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