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How does the World view America these days?

Rubin Farr

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2 hours ago, Nebraska said:

big T delivers some soul stirring words and throws shots at mitten romney, liz chaney & other RINOs





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ugh my kid said to me this morning "you know trump's coming back in 2024." I'm like oh no, not you too.

how did I fail as a parent... good thing I've got 12 more years before he's of voting age to get him back on track lol

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watmm has mentally ruined so many things for me over the years... and one of those things is Phil Collins. "needs more Phil Collins" was from the MS Paint era, when IDM randos were allowed to run amok on here, destroying the man's name in bad faith. so needless to say, I had a genuine heartwarming moment when I saw the news story below. why does Phil Collins collect Alamo stuff? who the hell knows. but I am crazy enough that I just may drive to San Antonio to check this shit out.

the bottom video contains a brief, glorious acapella from the man starting around the 2:20 mark.  



For Alamo fans who’ve been waiting for this moment all their lives, officials have finally showcased a preview of the “Phil Collins Collection.”

The Alamo displayed a preview of the collection, filled with artifacts donated by musician and Alamo enthusiast Phil Collins, starting on Texas Independence Day on Tuesday.


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