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How does the World view America these days?

Rubin Farr

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30 minutes ago, ilqx hermolia xpli said:

Whitehouse: manufacturing consent for invasion of Ukraine to "protect" it from Russia

lols. doubt. it's more like covering their ass when they do absolutely nothing about whatever russia does to ukraine. 

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5 hours ago, ignatius said:

parts of the right have tried rewriting jesus for a long time.. making him a warrior who made his enemy's blood boil with his intense eyes.. shit like that. it's all garbage. everything is garbage. 

more like "everything is predestined" as this ferris state university professor put it while keeping it all the way 💯

NSFW language



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Apparently he was suspended and is on paid leave.  He doesn't have to teach the viral vector cocksuckers and he gets paid. Mission accomplished.

Edit:. My wife got a kick out of this, she's a professor who is being forced to go back to work this week to teach a bunch of dirty college students who aren't required to be vaccinated because college gotta make money.

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