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Mid Nineties Mods Salvage 2


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Thanks to my cousin Emile who cleared his attic recently, passing his old Amiga gear and disk collection down to my brother, here's a second run of my old protracker tunes.

He apparently copied a bunch of my modules back in the days, some disks too degraded to recover, but enough to compile another selection of 4 mono channels, 8-bit (w.i.p) jungle-gabber rinsers and what not!

The amiga was hooked up to a philips cdr930 mini audio cd recorder, recording the outputs straight to cd. No touch ups, no vst, just Paula chip goodness :) .
released 01 January 1996

Mostly amen breaks & gabber kick filled modules created by me on an Amiga 500 in protracker somewhere between 1994 & 1996. Teen angst ftw!

This album features two tracks from my brother Dennis a.k.a Dj0nas(dino) & one bonus 'remix' track (basically replaced the drum channel with an amen work out :)) of an artist I unfortunately can't credit because of lost details.



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congrats on salvaging anything ... i have a pile of old amiga disks i've been looking to clean up, 99% unreadable... i think one of them made it as far as a directory listing.


yes, this mission has been kind of a hard one here as well as none of my protracker copies worked and communication between pc & amiga is not that easy to set up because of hardware differences in diskdrives. Bought an usb diskdrive in the illusion I could somehow write an adf of protracker to it, apparently these usb drives can't format to the correct amiga double density format...eventually found a friendly soul on the internet willing to send a copy only to find out his disks didn't work either :-)


Don't throw away your disks yet, although checksum errors because of magnetic deterioration are definitely a thing, it could also be your disk-drive that is bricked, a virus affecting the booting (f you have a harddisk?) or the battery of the 1 mb extension (in the bottom slot of the amiga 500) that is leaking, thus corrupting loading (I had this with my previous amiga 500 salvaging).

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YARRRR these sound AMAZON






at the moment gradually salvaging moarrr :). Used to save w.i.p .mods to game disks with room left as I didn't have money to buy new ones, also found a couple using 'disk doctor' checking for, recovering deleted files.




Put up some moar old tracks on bandcamp, these I've made in the year 2000, small period of jam making without trackers, using cubase + vst(i), hammerhead, tuareq & some behringer hardware;






soundcloud example;


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