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Excellent sense of space and texture on "Hollow Gram". The opening is the aural equivalent of sitting in some metropolitan patio restaurant at night, enjoying the way the wine refracts city lights into colourful globules. The onset of the harsh, mechanical beat is like the intrusion of urban distractions, inspiring an emotionally-ambiguous bass wash of mental ones.


After everything comes to a grinding halt past the 3:30 mark, it resumes with additional layers and intensity - an almost chaotic scene of conflicting conversations and sensual experiences (the main meal). I take the last section with the dropped out beat to represent the patron having forgotten about the wine nebula all together, having finally relaxed into the conversation.


Good stuff. I will return to the rest later, if I get the chance.

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This stuff is fucking wicked! Welllll nice sounds, extremely nicely put together :D


Also, so happy to see a female producer for once!


Do you happen to know Dauwd? Parts of Carpe Noctem remind me of them. They do some pretty sweet deep house.


This track below isn't the one I was thinking about, but it's one of my favs. Soooo nice <3 Hope you enjoy!



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Hot stuff. My favorites were, out of the ones I listened to.., Progression, Hollow Gram, and Outspire. I wasn't really feeling the 90s inspired dance stuff, but when you deviated from that was when I personally enjoyed it the most. Also that texture in Hollow Gram is hot. It sounds like it's being manged through a granulator and various lfos.

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