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What's wrong with Florida?


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11 hours ago, ignatius said:

fckn idiots


deus vult ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


edit: from the article: "This is an unfortunate incident, and our condolences and prayers go out to the family,” Police Chief Mario Augello said.

...and i thought this post was in bad taste... jeez, augello...

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7 hours ago, Rubin Farr said:

Quality Mom, she stopped shoplifting long enough to see her car on fire with her kids inside.



The fact that the flames are coming from the passenger compartment (especially the rear-seat area) and that the car had been off for around an hour, means I'm gonna go ahead and speculate that her (probably bored-as-fuck) kids found a lighter in the car and started playing with it...

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recently passed a law making it even harder for immigrants to be in florida.. it's backfiring obviously because ya know.. workers adn stuff..


lols.. fuck florida

“This bill is 100% supposed to scare you,” says state Rep. Rick Roth, who intermittently waits on a translator to relay his words in Spanish. “I’m a farmer, and the farmers are mad as hell. We are losing employees. They’re already starting to move to Georgia and other states. It’s urgent that you talk to all your people and convince them that you have resources — state representatives and other people — that can explain the bill to you.”

Roth then randomly pivots to professing his adoration for both DeSantis and Donald Trump. 

“We had the best president in my life — in the last 30 years — and I’m still supporting Donald Trump. I love my governor. He’s the greatest governor in,” he’s heard saying before the clip cuts off. 

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