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you can listen to the track Xerrox Eboshi in the end of this mix:





omg omg :catnope:





1. Xerrox - Atmosphere

2. Xerrox - Helm Transphaser

3. Xerrox - 2ndevol

4. Xerrox - Radieuse

5. Xerrox - 2ndevol2nd

6. Xerrox - Isola

7. Verrox - Solphaer

8. Xerrox - Mesosphere

9. Xerrox - Spark

10. Xerrox - Spiegel

11. Xerrox - Exosphere

samples => http://www.kompakt.fm/releases/xerrox_vol_3

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great news - xerox vol2 blew my mind


Same here, though since then I've read (here and elsewhere) that the guy is a bit of a jerk, which tempers my enthusiasm somewhat

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A deluxe LP boxset of all the xerroxs is warranted.

I remember reading somewhere, I think on the r-n site, that 5 volumes are planned. Boxset is likely to happen.


I'm not that patient and I'm at least pre-ordering the CD.



According to discogs, Vol. 1 is "Old World" and 2 is "To The New World"

Which world is this?

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great news - xerox vol2 blew my mind


I LOVE vol1, never tilted with vol2 though. That preview reminds me of the material he played live before he even released the first one, many moons ago. Can't wait.

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Yep. And if you arrange the artwork of the albums in order it will spell out XERROX


It will be a travesty if this series doesn't get completed, which I was kind of expecting with how long vol 3 has taken to come around. To be honest as excited as I am, I'm kind of worried they might get a bit stale. That track I heard on the mix from vol 3 doesn't sound a million miles away from vol 2 material. Whereas I feel there's a large separation between 1 and 2.


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So 'cited - Xerrox Vol.2 has been my fave album for many a year. Hope they release the last one with a nice big case so you can display all in the covers together !

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Hope they release the last one with a nice big case so you can display all in the covers together !


It's R-N, they will.


It will be an overpriced limited edition pre-order, but people will buy it anyway. Then delivery will be delayed indefinitely and without explanation, and Oscillate will complain.

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This is what he's twittled so far -


The Xerrox series has become something like a haven reflecting dreams, imaginary journeys and emotional landscapes. It took me nearly five years to reach the point of crystalizing those emotional worlds. One fundamental source of inspiration was Tarkovsky’s 1972 adaption of Stanislaw Lem’s science fiction novel ‚Solaris‘. Subsequently I added another significant layer of my childhood’s film memory: ‚la isla misteriosa y el capitán nemo‘ (1973). Both movies were the set up for the atmospheric compositoral part. Experiment, concept were put aside - a intimate world of memory took over. I have to admit that this emotional output is a surprise for myself. It remains exciting how the last two albums will sound like.

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