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Is marijuana use an unspoken rule for posting on WATMM?

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I want to share my cannaoil/edible guide here for decarbing and making edibles.

What you need:

  • 1 cup of butter or cooking oil. The best types are virgin coconut oil, mct oil, olive oil and grape seed oil.
  • 7 grams of cannabis for normal strength, 10 grams for stronger (best), or 14 grams for strongest. If you are using trim, double the amount of grams needed.
  • 1 tablespoon of lecithin. Works better powdered, I find. It can be either soy or sunflower. If you are afraid of GMOs, stick with sunflower. (You can get this off the internet or a health food store.)
  • cheesecloth or a thin wire mesh strainer
  • either a jar or aluminum foil


  1. Grind your cannabis up coarsely so that you have lots of surface area but not too fine so that it goes through the cheesecloth/strainer.
  2. Preheat your oven to 220 F
  3. Put the cannabis either in a jar that is loosely fitted, or sandwich it between two sheets of aluminum foil. I use a decarbing machine now but the jar worked good when I did it this method.
  4. Bake it for 45 minutes and then let it cool for 30 more minutes. Congrats, your weed should be decarbed and a very pleasant light brown colour.
  5. Heat the oil in a pan, pot, or slow cooker at the lowest temperature. Just below simmering and absolutely not boiling.
  6. When all of the oil has heated, throw in the cannabis and the lecithin. The lecithin acts as an emulsifier that allows the THC and CBD to be absorbed by your gut more readily. It doesn't increase the potency, but it increases the speed and amount of cannabis available. It also extends the shelf life of your canna oil/cannabutter by a lot more. If you are using egg whites in your edibles, you can skip this step.
  7. Cook the cannabis over a period of 3-4 hours, stirring every half hour or so. Some people swear by leaving it in for 8+ hours but I never noticed a difference. I'd say a safe bet is 4 hours.
  8. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes then strain it through a cheesecloth into a container or jar. I don't recommend pouring it out scalding hot. Also when straining with a cheesecloth, I don't recommend squeezing all of the remaining oil out because its mostly chlorophyll and it'll give your cannabutter and cannaoil a very strong smell and taste. You can use the used up weed by putting it in a tea bag and consuming it that way, or throw it into your coffee filter/french press to get it that way.
  9. You are done! Store it away for future use or use it right away!


With this recipe, the edibles I make are reliable. They start to work in an hour or less with the lecithin.

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Cheers ears, it’s all good but decarbing around certain civilians is a major ball ache. Nothing shields that stink and portable cookers just proved another labyrinth.

Due to elderly neighbours, had to grip an Ardent to decarb. Too many odours, too many curtain twitchers. Nova is spot on for my requirements & legal bs with immediate environment.

Decarb about a q. at a time. Either eat the decarb as is, 200-600mg depending on chores/responsibilities. 250-350mg is lush, 600mg is Twin Peaks, or do an olive oil infusion with 2g’s of decarb into 2 fl oz’s. Place jar in Nova run for 60mins, switch off. Zero calories, no need to cook with as an ingredient. Simple as fk.

Decarb eaten as is takes 3hrs to peak, olive oil infusion more like one hour. Oil infusion is smoother too, less turbulence. 2 tablespoons = just enough, but I overdid it y’day and cooking a roast surrounded my drunks took on a whole other dimension, jfc. 

Can make 1.5g’s last a week, longer if smaller dosing. The money the Ardent saved me is incredible + no lung pathway (you listening Corona?), plus you can get really accurate & consistent dose rates. 

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@Entorwellian Sure if you stripped one the electrical set-up can’t be too complex. It’s consistent as fk though. If we have a family day out, I can get stealthily roasted & no-one’s the wiser.

That lectin plot is something to have an experiment around, prob with pannacotta. Thanks for the info. Knew fats/oils helped piggybacking through your gut wall & pannacotta is easy to make. 

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1 hour ago, cwmbrancity said:

Cheers ears, it’s all good but decarbing around certain civilians is a major ball ache. Nothing shields that stink and portable cookers just proved another labyrinth.

Due to elderly neighbours, had to grip an Ardent to decarb. Too many odours, too many curtain twitchers. Nova is spot on for my requirements & legal bs with immediate environment.

decarbing using the mason jar method worked really well for me. decarbed a broken up oz at 240F for 60 min, shook the jar every 15 min or so to get an even brown color. there was absolutely no smell while in the oven. waited 30 min and opened the jar outside just to be safe...no smell at all inside the house.

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Partially it’s fluctuations in oven temp, but also the worst fail where I nearly got made homeless from the reek. Used foil enveloping at 2am, smell was still ripe later that day. Too olde for that shit. It’s my only vice though & availability means getting the most from your available material. Really not a fan of alcohol, unless it’s tinctures.

2nd advantage of the Ardent is doing oil infusions, proper fool proof. Avocado & coconut are tasty as they are, plus you get 95% rates with olive oil. Decarb run, then an infusion run. Lovely.

Don’t use a lot, weekends mostly, so in the 20months I’ve had it it’s more than paid 4 itself. One gram into one ounce of oil & you can bring your consumption down even more. One tablespoon = sorted, just don’t pull a Leah Betts.

This popped up on the Graniaud today:


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Bought an ounce off a friend who gets from a grow op upstate just before the whole virus really took off, im good

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Have your local weedmasters closed shop or are still working?

With these long semi-idle days ahead of me, I kind of regret I didn't stock up on some weed.
On the other hand, I'm glad I didn't. I smoked all through January, and to think I'd just sit around all day, watch movies, listen to musics ... damn, where can I get some weed lol

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7 hours ago, Entorwellian said:

Thank god we Canadian's can order it via mail. Dunno though I'd probably still let it sit for a week on the shelf to let any covid-19 die off.

I'm willing to put my house and my lot under canadian jurisdiction for the time being. The flag is already waving. Can you send some?

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^ yeah that article is nothing new really. pretty well known fact that smoking anything is going to have the potential to cause lung problems. and covid is gonna be harder to fight off of course if you already have a pre-existing condition, like respiratory issues from smoking.

I'm fine with edibles tbh. they took a little getting used to, since it's not an immediate high like smoking and there are more factors that can have an effect on the outcome. but I found a doseage that works and don't really feel a need to return to smoking it. 

edit:  @Rubin Farr

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Yeah, after reading some comments and tracing the original doctors' articles, they really seemed to rely almost exclusively on Chinese males that smoked tobacco, whoch is a whopping 52% of their population.  The anecdotal evidence for THC actually helping or expanding lung function is inconclusive currently.  I'm taking it a little easier and only using the bong occasionally, might just bake up some brownies if more COVID data comes in.

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I've been rolling a lot of quarantine spliffs. I just got an ounce of berry white delivered and it lives up to it's suave title. No one is around so you can smoke them in the most random places you normally wouldn't be able to. It adds to the surreal apocalyptic vibes imo

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