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Purity Ring - Another Eternity (4AD) 03 March, 2015


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Canadian duo Megan James and Corin Roddick - aka Purity Ring - will return with a second album entitled 'Another Eternity’ on March 3rd.


Their 2012 breakthrough debut ‘Shrines’ was in many ways a prescient suggestion of indie and popular music to come. The album earned the #1 spot on iTunes electronic chart, Pitchfork “Best New Music” laurels and praise from New York Times, Rolling Stone, NPR and more.

While ‘Shrines' was composed remotely between Halifax and Montreal, 'Another Eternity' marks the first time Megan and Corin were able to create a record in the same room. The pair ventured home to the frozen industrial landscapes of their birthplace Edmonton, Alberta to document much of what was to become the album. Megan and Corin recorded and produced their follow-up themselves, as always.


With 'Another Eternity', Purity Ring trade the claustrophobic atmospheres of ‘Shrines' for wide-open expanses of sound. Between the brooding anthem ‘begin again’, the infectious ‘bodyache’, and the time suspending ‘stillness in woe’, the emotional geography of Another Eternity is wider than ever: gloomy valleys and gleaming peaks in equal measure. Megan’s vocals are in sharper focus as she details her lyrical universe of “sweat and dreams” populated by seacastles, rattling spines and weeping drawers. Corin's gift for evocative melody remains intact but his percussive skills and sense of composition have been refined and honed.

1. heartsigh

2. bodyache

3. push pull

4. repetition

5. stranger than earth

6. begin again

7. dust hymn

8. flood on the floor

9. sea castle

10. stillness in woe


CD/Vinyl: http://shopusa.4ad.com/another-eternity(vinyl is coloured white, comes with download code)


iTunes Preorder

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good stuff. shrines was epic - pop music with actual atmosphere and depth, and sincerely haunting and personal lyrics. am somewhat hyped. definitely prefer push pull to begin again tho..

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This might just be a reflection of where I currently am, but Begin Again is one of the most epic tunes I've heard in a good couple of years now. I know some have said this is more mainstream sounding than their previous stuff, but I think it avoids the gimmicky, Smurf-like lyrics and rapidly-dating, cut up vocal tropes that typify that arena beautifully, embracing a traditional pop sensibility whilst still sounding vital.

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Some cool polyrhythms goin' on in 'push pull'. Not feeling 'Begin Again' so much though; I can hear their struggle trying to stay true to their more experimental roots whilst trying to make something more appealing to a wider market. I wish them luck as they seem genuine.

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Really enjoyed the first album, so I'm hoping this will live up to expectations.


Begin Again sounds like more of the same to me, so I can't complain.

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This album is so so for me so far..

Heartsigh is an incredible opener, and i dig everything from there up through Stranger Than Earth...

Begin Again is meh. And i really dislike the next 3, and then the closer is pretty good.

Not as amazing as Shrines, but still with some serious sweet spots imo.

What think y'all?

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I love this album - I really think they have found their sound now, and all the tracks on here are top-notch in my book. Been listening to this far more than Damogen Furies or Flame Rave, I'm sad to say (not saying those releases are less or bad, but musically right now Purity Ring is hitting all the right notes with me).

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Really liking this album. Very earwormy in a lot of places.

There's a lot of great moments on here (for me): the prechorus in "Bodyache," the echoes on "Stranger Than Earth" as well as its corny build ups get me every time, and the darker/loud bits on "Begin Again."

I do have to say I can sit through Shrines more easily, but this is a really good continuation of their work.

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