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New MIDI HD Protocol ‘Has Reached A Milestone’


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About goddamn time:




MIDI HD Protocol Features:


-Backward compatibility with MIDI 1.0 to ensure wide-spread adoption

-Plug and Play network connectivity over USB and Ethernet for easy integration

-Thousands of Channels for handling large complex systems

-A massive number of high resolution Controllers and Parameters for channels, groups and even individual notes, for unrivalled precision and adaptability to new controller technologies

-Precise Pitch Control and Articulation messages for expanded expressivity

-Time Stamped messaging for accurate timing and tight real-time performance

-Plenty of room for future expansion to eliminate obsolescence

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seems pretty late to the table. i mean how long before synths that are great are made which actually take advantage of this, because we already have a bunch of great synths from the 90s AND 2000s, and hell half way to 2020, which don't use it. if not around 2005, this definitely should've probably came out around 2010, at the latest. is this just a way for them to usher out more of the same types of synths they've been making but with the new selling point of HD midi? past couple weeks i'm feeling like expert sleepers silent way CV control is already like midi HD. and it works with lots of old synths. but i guess midi hd would be a nice bonus feature on a new synth if that synth was already in some way nice and worth buying..

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Yeah, I thought it should have been done like 10 years ago, but it's still great they're trying to accommodate new technology and the foreseeable future.

MIDI is two years older than me :wacko:

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This is interesting in that it really extends the life of existing MIDI devices. Without backward compatibility, within a couple decades many instruments would lose a large part of their functionality and get relegated to the 'basically-obsolete' pile. I'm of course assuming that something better (perhaps like OSC mentioned above; I didn't give that much reading and didn't really grasp it at a glance) doesn't come along and replace MIDI.

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