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Help! Need to figure out a two part harmony and I'm at a dead end.

Guest crowndicey

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Guest crowndicey

Okay, so I have a live show coming up and I'm performing a lot of original material and throwing in a few covers, one of them being "My Girls" by Animal Collective. I've built my version of the song and everything is good except for the chorus. I need to pre record the other part(s) to pull the harmony off live, as I'm just one dude, but I can't figure it out. There is a two, possibly three part harmony that I just can't decipher. It kicks in right at 3:00. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zol2MJf6XNE


It sounds like there are a lot of fifths in there, but it almost sounds like they are crossing parts in the middle. I have no idea. Anyone who can help me out with this I would greatly appreciate! Thanks.

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Alright, I figured I might as well give it a try, since I tend to be pretty good at this stuff :D


I'm not sure if I managed to separate it into two parts correctly, but I think I got all of the notes. It's two parts most of the way, but doubled an octave higher for a few notes. As you said it's hard to figure out if the harmonies are crossing or not, but I think it's easier to sing the main melody if you assume they are. That's how I've figured it out in the files attached.


I've included .MID files of the high melody (well, the one that starts high), low melody (with the octave doubles), both together and the REAPER file. Hope it works!


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Guest crowndicey

Thanks so much! I think that's it. Saved the day man, appreciate it. I was having the hardest time with this. It's really not that complicated, but I think their voices sounding very similar on the recording obscure the details a bit. Thanks again!

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Not a problem! Yeah, I think it may very well be three vocal lines the whole time, just sometimes they double rather than harmonising.. so that may be why it's so difficult to 'decode'.

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