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Celebrity Deaths

Herr Jan

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23 hours ago, auxien said:

this is one of the first songs i really remember loving when i was a kid. used to get stuck in my head regularly until i was about 30. it’s super 80s ofc... the minimal arrangement and the weirdo synths and solo, grooving guitar riff, all held together with those muted key chords? just great. but obv Tina’s belting-to-restraint and snarky attitude in her inflection, just a real pro performance…and her voice was the hook that always got stuck in my head of course, with those low background singers. not the best song ever written or sung, but it was always very particular and unique and addictive to my ears, particularly when i was younger. 

obv still a great song. she’s got plenty of others but this one was the one i loved.

I was telling my wife yesterday that this is pretty much the first music I remember listening to. My parents caned this shit when I was 3-5 years old (along with Toto’s Rosanna, which was my favorite song apparently, lol). 

I guess Tina kind of hated WLGTDWI, but she fucking killed it anyway. 

Gonna need to rewatch Beyond Thunderdome asap.


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