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Good Soundclouds (used to be possible RDJ soundclogs)

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Number one rule: There is a long history of many many fakes, some of them very good pieces of music in their own right, so whatever it is very probably isn't Aphex Twin unless you have some very very good evidence.


Fair enough. I guess what I'm trying to say is; who cares if it's authentic as long as it's good music?


I guess I think art should be evaluated on its worth not based on the person who made it so I'm grateful that people may be pretending to be AFX as it enables me to hear more great tunes. Haven't been lurking here for that long so guess I'm not au fait with all the usual shenanigans just pleased about the abundance of (what I consider to be) great music :)


calm down, let fools think what they want to think, live your life!

others who believe that the tracks are just fakes are free to think so: they just do nothing and enjoy coming here to share their frustration...

and the worst, we can laugh at them!

if not, cry with them? no, oh no, and then it's so big, it's so strong that it has something to laugh...



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No I didn't, I heard there were tracks up there for a split second also a few weeks ago. The only tracks I caught from caustic window soundcloud were during the first dump and it was flutey and one or two others, or maybe it was just flutey, I can't remember

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