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Good Soundclouds (used to be possible RDJ soundclogs)


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Thanks to whoever moved the thread from Afx since it was getting loads of grief in there.


Since this is a non-RDJ SoundCloud thread now I'll refrain from posting definite RDJ Facebook profiles with new tunes on them.



If anyone wants one then PM me x


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What's the Erik SC? Links are coming up broken, hadn't noticed it until now.


EDIT: Derp, i rtard

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Please use spoiler tags for that horrible ass account. One because he is annoying enough to make all the thumbnails (slightly) NSFW, and two because it will get less attention that way :emotawesomepm9:


Sorry...I forgot.



Track name's been changed but still in the URL tho :)

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that is fucking terrible ^^^



this one's quite nice though




has anyone got all the eric tracks?

think i have the first 50 or so


Agreed about Ass track.


I didn't get or hear any of the Erik tracks :( Can someone share what they have, please? In here or by DM, if you like.



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Guest tonfarben

I really like the ass artist guild. not because of their music, but because of their pictures. To be honest, I couldn´t listen throuh even one piece of music by them. Seems like some generic algorythm for "idm" style music to me. But, again, the pictures and track titles make me happy! :-D

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