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    • By Pop3rekaldemyniegiosTTP
      I was listening to Ruby My Dear in Spotify, and this old song, Sore, came on. I was baffeled. Had to go to youtube to listen to Box Energy AFX Remix, and there was more difference than i first thought, but still.
      Just wondering if anyone else got the same inpression?
      Sore - Spotify Link
      Box Energy (AFX Remix) Youtube Link
    • By dcom
      Groovy, melodic IDM tracks to make your brain dance and extremities tap on random surfaces. Recommended.
    • By rstark
      Ice Cold Soundcloud Link
      I'm looking for support/interest/enjoyment of a mix I spent a lot of time on the past couple months. I know this message board is probably partial to this style of music but I tried to make it as tasteful as possible. There's another mix up on my page the WATMM'ers would probably like more which has a more wide variety of tunes including a nice IDM bit towards the end (The Rated E For Algorhythm Mix). But today I'm promoting this dubstep in hopes people here will keep an open mind and find some interesting sounds! You know the drill, slap a like and follow on Soundcloud and I'll check out your page in return. I also have 170+ original tunes uploaded. Ty and bless up my twiddlers!
      Here's the full track list
    • By dcom
      A new dedicated series from Tysk Raider for mindcolormusic, available on vinyl and digital. Recommended.
    • By dcom
      Limited edition (25 pcs) dubplate as the first release on Wombat Funk, two tracks of horizon painting melodic drum'n'bass - released on Monday 6th, available later in digital. Recommended.
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