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I think he's trying to recoup some of the money from the vinyl pressing since they're expensive little fuckers.

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I think he's trying to recoup some of the money from the vinyl pressing since they're expensive little fuckers.



Ah that makes sense.


Hadn't actually thought it like that but yeah, it actually does make sense. But at the same time it doesn't. Like I've preached before, I strongly believe that those who want their wax will get it even though there were also digitals around (amen brothers). Worst case scenario of this skimping is that besides making (paying) fans frustrated, some of them may lose their interest entirely. Then again I've never run a label so obviously don't know how things work....


Lol, I actually thought that the reason for the delay has something to do with the elections since Rob is politically so active.

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Just want to remind everyone that Heorge Garrison first posted HG12 on Reddit a year ago, the famous Wheatpin_x track. It's really awesome hearing it in full quality finally, and I just want to point out that the same Reddit account admitted that he was Tom Jenkinson and the track was a collab with Rich. Now, likely it's someone just pulling our legs, but it is 100% the creator of the track behind that Reddit acount. Very interesting stuff. I would just like conclusive proof that it isn't Tom/Rich so I can sleep at night.

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Come on now lads, not everyone with a stupid anagram name on the internet is RDJ.




Totally agree, but the clips from the EP are dope nevertheless.  And that Aagic Mlex track is especially good.

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Yeah, luckily found some rips a couple of weeks ago. They're only rips and all (quite good though) but they keep my impatient and spoilt ass satisfied until RLR gets the official files out.

is this "album sampler" really a medley of alternate versions?

''Album Sampler'', yes please but I doubt it. Would like to know too if that really is only an alternative sampler for the ep by someone who has listened to the 12''  for some time now and knows it from front to back.

the invisible sonic force fields aagic mlex track is free now

Heh, you seem to always come up with the most intereting links (like zyvd craps etc.) Thanks for the info...very honestly

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