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I will never understand the lack of a digital release on things like this

Same. I mostly just forgot about it until I heard Nag Champa again at the show and said 'fuck it' and got the vinyl this morning. YOU WIN ROBBIE!!!!!! *shakes fists in air*

I probably would have done the same if dfn hadn't turned my checking account into a dumpster fire

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I tweeted them as I bought it direct no reply lol.


You have to send an e-mail to [email protected] and in the body of the e-mail please include your preference for digital files: 320kbps MP3, FLAC or WAV. Not tweet them.

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lol, what a pathetic offering for the digital files. It better not be this difficult to get the new Wisp album when it happens; I can't acquire new vinyls, I live in a tiny house... wtf. Robbie get your shit together

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They probably won't sell digis until their vinyl stock is out maybe?


Smaller label they probably want to clear physical stock as that's almost 100% of overhead.


Does that sound right? =/

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Robbie is worried about the Neo-Con's DLing the album and getting wise to the nag champa beatz


We all know the reptilian elite are allergic to vinyl and vinyl players so he's keeping the music pure this way. 



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