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It's a very good mock up of squarepusher and aphex


it sounds like an amalgamation of others' styles and not much beyond that. i reached for drukqs before i could finish the ep



Exactement. No disrespect to the guy/girl....its very well done (for all u diehard anything that approximates a new sqpshr, afx release)


p.s I bought the album cause its undoubtedly a tight job


Reminded me of that film Tim's Vermeer


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Guest bitroast

i like listening to this purely on a technical level and enjoy hearing someone's take on the drukqs/2001 idm as fuck sound. it's real good for that.


tracks sort of lack the rhythms and the flows i'm kind of expecting or am wanting for, so it's not totally my thing personally. but i still enjoy listening on the technical level and find it interesting.

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Anyone mention Jodey Kendrick yet?


There are a few sounds in here from EDMB2 and Dunstable trax.


Short, as in 1-2 second sounds.

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Anyone mention Jodey Kendrick yet?


There are a few sounds in here from EDMB2 and Dunstable trax.


Short, as in 1-2 second sounds.

imo, no. Or then I'm just being too darn stubborn as I keep thinking Heorge is some completely new player in the field....or Rob :biggrin:



Someone had to post it. Discuss.

2 years ago!


It was a long dark road but we managed to eventually get there. yay :cat:

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here are the 3 flacs heorge put up for free previously


hg5b, invisible sonic force fieds, and 5.0.655




Wow really appreciate this.  I had the aagic one, but not the others.


EDIT - and they're quite good

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