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You all say he's not Steinvord. He sounds like Steinvord. His Bandcamp page says he's from spain. Why would someone who sounds like Steinvord (no one else sounds like this) pretend to be Steinvord? I can't believe you guys don't hear it. The breaks over the barline? The hemiolas? The production quality? The bass sweeps? The voice granulizer? The dark and twisted atmospheres with super high frequencies? The drum chops that make you think you missed a beat? What makes you think it isn't him? Blah blah blah. I guess it doesn't matter. I don't really care who it is. I just want to hear more!

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I also see all the similarities between both musics but for some reason I doubt it's Steinvord, like it's different at its hearth or something. It could also be something a bit trickier, like Heorge Garrison is just a part of Steinvord. I'm still sure that Steinvord is a name for several persons anyway (and at least two, you know who). But in any case I don't find the argument "listen to the breaks, listen to the bass, etc... it has to be Steinvord" really convincing because those musical touches are all older than Steinvord and a lot of people use/used them.

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he may be influenced by 1 or 2 of those steinvord tracks for that style, however i see a more common linkage between another Rephlex act : Macc & dgoHn. In terms of great break fuckery/programming, Steinvord & Macc & dgoHn have probably some of the most impressive releases off the label. I just see Heorge as continuing that same tradition, taking break oriented music to the place it needs to be way more often. There are only a handful of artists unrelated to Rephlex that I feel are working with classic breaks in a really exciting way, two of those people would be wAgAwAgA and Heorge Garrison.

Arguably Heorge is more focused on sound design and dark atmospheres in his songs too, and for some including myself this scratches the Aphex-itch that most of his protege's don't seem that interested in.

So i guess i could see why it would seem so similar to Steinvord to some, i just dont see it that way exactly.

Oh man I love Some Shit Saaink. I didn't like it at first but when I actually listened to the album instead of only hearing it I started to appreciate it much more. Finding similarities to Steinvord&Macc&Dgohn combo is a strong recommendation. Really looking forward to this.

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Muchly looking forward to hearing this.


in regards to identity (like it matters as far as the music is concerned!!!!)


I'm actually happier hearing that it ISN'T afx and that it is someone NEW and FRESH on the scene :)!

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Yeah, definitely the same guy, especially given the connection between George Harrison & Ravi Shankar. And the bandcamp looks the same.


Excellent tune though! I can hear more of a Macc/DgoHn feel in this one. Which is just fine with me. After Some Shit Saaink came out I obsessively tried to buy up all the Macc & DgoHn records I could track down. Not a bad tune to be found in either of their respective discographies. I particularly love Macc's twacked-out funky crackhead drumming.



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i dont get too much of a dgohn and macc vibe but its similar, i feel like theyre more rooted in jungle/drumfunk but regardless its all good.

looking forward to this record. He really didnt have to go down the fake afx path imo but shit, his tunes are solid and i look forward to hearing new stuff and finding out about him

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steinvord or not, i'm so into it. this dude is dope.! for sure it's not beatwifes, too good for him :dry:


maybe I've missed something, but we only know that Shortridge X0.12 track will be on EP/LP? (god i hope LP)

what about Nag Champa Breaks 5 or wheatpin X - Vocaroo? they have very similar vibe for me and sounds like one dude.

is Rod Whitters connected?


and most important question - when is release? thx ^^

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Guest Deco Balcony


Will be keeping an eye out for this release - curious to hear more!


Not sure if it's been mentioned before but this Savi Rhankar chap seems like the same dude:



Nice! How'd you find that?


someone posted it a few weeks ago on fbook and I remember thinking it was really good but I kinda forgot about it as there was only the one track - seems like it's been up since November 2014 though!


I hadn't heard any of this Heorge Garrison material until yesterday when I made the connection :happy:

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Nice track! But tbh, I thought that switching-the first-letters-from-famous-peoples-names was only cool in the breakcore scene years ago, enough with it already.



Is Tphex Awin already taken?



yeah what's up with that anyway??? heorge garrison, com truise etc. i find it incredibly cheesy and off-putting btw. it actually makes me think "heorge garrison? what a joke. can only be some lame-ass hipster watevas"! it's like a joke that's funny at first, but if you keep repeating it - well, you get it... :cerious:

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Lets make new fasion and start changing last letters of names, instead of first!


Aphen Twix

Ton Jenkinsom

Globan Gool

Pind Floyk

DMW Krex


No, wait, it's also stupid :dry:

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nob browb / hean boots?


bob rrown \ bean sooth sounds nice though (also: eutechra)



ths beatlee

rollins stoneg


actually sounds better! :emotawesomepm9:

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