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Andrew Weatherall's Beard on EBAY

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Andrew Weatherall's beard needs no introduction...

Here is a very rare oportunity to own an equisite collectors item and a true iconic peice of bonafiedy >120bpm 'trappin's' associated with the artist and music.

as seen on Vice Tv

Not only is this a chance to own the beard, but it is also expected to have a steady revenue stream from appearances worldwide, obviously this is not going to be a stake in the artist, however the agent for the artist has insisted they are keeping the 'beard' on the books for events. Direct quote taken from facebook...

"The beard is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs through www.spunoutagency.com"

We are starting with a low price - Please be aware you are bidding for the cuttings of a used beard. We ship worldwide






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Wow i sold my dreadlocks to a wig maker when i was 14 but didn't think to get people to bid on it. I wonder if it comes with instructions or it's just the clippings in a ziplock bag??

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Van Den Hoogenband, that guy is from the Netherlands! Mike's ponytail is currently in the Netherlands!! :O



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Psychic TV's TOPY had a plot where you sent in samples of bodily juices/pubes used in magical sigils,

so this is fairly tame in comparison


ps: Weatherall should be given the freedom of the country and if anyone was ever in a position to recreate some of J Peel's radio times it has to be Lord Sabre

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how do you know it's really his beard though and not just one of a regular keyboard player, electro hipster or wizard?

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  • Solution

Mike P's ponytail disguised as Andrew's beard?


edit: obviously, the fact that rixxx posted this is s-s-super suspicious!

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      "Mr. Weatherall requires no introduction if you're over the age of 25 and have even a passing interest in club music. For everyone else he's the guy behind Primal Scream's definitive '90s LP 'Screamadelica' and one of the most respected wax collectors in the world. For his 'Masterpiece' he draws for no less than six of his own remixes out of 12 on offer. They include his chugging overhauls of Grinderman, The Horrors, Wooden Shjips, and the aforementioned Primals, plus a strolling pace rework of Timothy J Fairplay and a Big Beat Rockers remix of Toddla T & Roots Manuva's 'Watch Me Dance'. Complementing these are fine cuts from Walls, Ajello, Kaspar Bjørke, A.R. Kane and Aquarius Heaven"
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      i only have virus with shoes but i love it. what should i get next?
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      wtf? i didn't even know this was coming
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