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Patience rewarded: µ-Ziq soundcloud dump ongoing!!!

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I have been going through tapes. Ones from 1982, with me and my friend Caspar singing in our school band 'Short Circuit' when we were 9 & 10, and 4-track stuff from 1986 (when i borrowed a recorder of someone) and 1989-91 (when i bought my own fostex 280). All pre-µ-ziq stuff. I found the first demo tracks I gave to a (pre-rephlex) aphex twin via my friend at college who knew him. This is all pre-sequencer stuff so played live onto a 4-track along with a (hr-16) drum machine. I started using a sequencer at my friends house in 1991 - but i already had all that stuff digitized.

I mean it's not all bad - Auqeam and Hector's House are from these 4-track sessions and they got released...



ZIQ363 pls

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2 DAYS, 16 HRS, 40 MINS




of unreleased material...









Hopefully the 16 hours is a 16-hour-long version of Tugboat. :mu-ziq:

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Could be. Could be he's trolling a bit and we're getting a few volumes of


instead. More than 2 and a half DAYS of music seems a bit ridic.

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He's not messing around, and I bet it's all finished songs too. To be clear, I'm not just begging for free stuff. I bought Somerset Ave, and I'd be way happier with an archive series on Planet Mu than with mp3s. You could do what Jeff Mills is doing and sell high quality digital files on a dedicated external SSD. There's no way you'd ever make a dent in that amount of music doing cd or vinyl releases. Could be gold with an embossed µ-Ziq logo, so shiny.


And if Auqeam and Hector's House came from that 4 track stuff, I bet it's killer. What kind of music did Short Circuit do? And I wonder if that remix of D-Scape is as amazing as I imagine it is. Hope I find out someday.

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Even as a Ziq newcomer a great big massive dump would please me no end. Failing that, a download button for Mucky Puppy would make me immensely happy for a while.

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Man, it sure seems like he wants to post some of that music, he was telling us all about it and even how he recorded it. I hope he's just busy preparing for his gig with UNKLE on the 28th.


Oh well, at least I get XTLP. My vinyl copy of XTEP was a really bad pressing and I can't listen to it. So I get to listen to Monj2 in a nice version.

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Jamming "See Your Eyes" right now. There are a bunch of minimalist hipster electropop acts out there that could learn a thing or 12 from a 10 year old Paradinas and the Short Circuit crew.

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