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WANTED [inquiry] Analords

ilqx hermolia xpli

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It used to be that you could get a good selection of Analords on eBay for about $10 each. Mainly Analord 03. This was probably 4 years ago. But you can't find any at all there anymore


Is discogs the cheapest reasonable place? I see people posting in the comments that it's a ripoff to charge above $15 for them (from 2012) and they are available cheap new all over. Is this the case?


What's the best place to get Analords cheap


I specifically want Analord 04

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If I was looking to buy them, I'd pay whatever was charged on Discogs and buy them as soon as possible. The prices will only keep rising, as they've been out of print for nearly ten years and the label is defunct. Also, the general interest in AFX is higher than maybe ever, and it doesn't look like that's gonna cool down soon.


10usd a piece is probably wishful thinking, a quick look at Discogs suggest you'll be lucky to find them at twice that price.

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