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re : communism / socialism / marxism, meme imagery; imo, its ubiquitous because it represents a failed system, as w. most meme imagery, & memes themselves.

the imagery's (ab)use highlights the extremity of defeat inherent irl - despite any utopian or marketing premise(s), & since its a political & economic failed system that offers an alternative 2 capitalism, its jsut perfect 4 meme clusterfuck - az it touches those rawr nerves most wracked by the current corporate fascist oligarchy, or w/e label we live w. lol. similar egs wld b the existential, stockfoto, suicide , harambe memes etc. :  stuff the media cant cope w. &/or refuses 2 deal w. .  hedfuk shit.

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the celebration of dysfunction, & making fun of stuff in obscure ways via harsh humour ain't nuthin' new either lol.    essential 2 humanity imo.

but now internets allow us 2 communic8 w 1another inna faster process w. sharing of anon web matter thru da comedy fuel of disposable dank memeries - mbe so we can creatively deal w heavy-duty shit liek communism etc. in ways that consensus media 'culture' nvr gonna do.




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