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dammit. i avoided seeing that broken ankle/leg with no small amount of effort and now i've been danked into seeing it. 

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Why He Look Like a Stuffed Olive Lolllll | Dank Meme on ME.MEblack olive matters | Black Lives Matter | Know Your MemeDating Fails - virgin olive extra virgin olive - Dating FAILs ...Beware Crazy Olive Lady Wall Art Panel Frame Funny Vegan ...He wondered if he had olive skin in r/askreddit : funnyStuffed Olive Mascot Costume : International Fun-ShopKirsty on Twitter: "If Rupert Grint and Georgia Groome don't dress ...Olives in Olive Oil | Dank Meme on ME.MEGarden Funny Meme Archives - ScreenEggs.comNIRGIN MYTHIC OLIVE VIRGIN MYTHICC OLIVE | Virgin Meme on awwmemes.comL Laughed Harder Than I Should Have 24 Going to All of Garden Why ...
(something just occurred to me tho - why is there only one black olive)

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I'm nervous. low effort OC.

Samsung Support Error.jpgIMG_1531.JPG


That second pic has no editing done to it  


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