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Just this one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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oh yeah pob how is your japanese coming? must be pretty good to discern between good fake japanese and bad fake japanese


it's absolutely terrible! either i'm going to flunk all my japanese credits or majoring in japanese is a joke (or both). i'm a bit anxious about my future, but to be honest this is my first year so hopefully things will get better. i spent all the summer studying kanji so i could just forget about them and focus on everything else but meeting people or reading manga or something would probably have been a better idea.


anyway i can recognise bad japanese because it looks like what i churn out when i have to look anything up in the dictionary/when there's 4 pieces of grammar that mean roughly the same and I don't know which one to use lol

also it isn't 90% garaigo so it can't be real japanese from 2015

no, but it's pretty ungrammatical

basically it looks like something i'd write

it takes one to know one



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When a dank memer tries to be not ironic or New Sincerity




"As another example of New Sincerity as a cultural movement, some writers have pointed to the adult fans of the Canadian/American animated television show, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The show, which premiered in 2010, is designed to foster sales of Hasbro's toy line, but has attracted older teenage and adult fans outside the show's target demographic of young girls and their parents. The fans, who call themselves bronies, have been described as "internet neo-sincerity at its best", unabashedly enjoying the show and challenging the preconceived gender roles that such a show ordinarily carries.[32][33] As many of these fans are technology-savvy, the brony community have created a large number of derivative works ranging from artwork, stories, music, and video media.[33]"


Either you're on team dank or on team brony, your choice really.

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