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Is he suffering in the buddhist sense of unsatisfactoriness in fleeting things, or is he suffering from heart disease & RSI from signing too many contracts?

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That "You so smart" video made me uncomfortable and I can't tell exactly why.


congratulations, you're not a terrible human being.

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if this guy is doing a long-con type of thing and is a performance artist pretending to be this character, he's a genius


I think on some level, most rappers, characters and celebrities are aware of what they are doing and do so to garner image and attention (i.e. money) How much of a degree of control and awareness of their loss of soul is the factor I think is more varied in the real crazies vs. con artists.


On the other hand, this dude (or his public persona) is a total twat who looks like he needs an Excedrin on each of his album covers.

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i thought this guy died, like, a year ago


probably thinking of dj rashad, who actually had talent unlike this fuck knuckle


Yes. I listened to Double Cup a couple days ago and was thinking "damn he died like a year ago didn't he"


That "You Smart" vid was hard to watch, when he was laying down bundles of benjimans for that bimbo, like a father handing a child weekly allowance. All that money could be spent on more charitable things like helping the disabled, funding humanitarian aid for refugees, etc.

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