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Just wondering if anyone knows what breakbeat is used in this song at the 0:40 mark? If no one knows perhaps someone could tell me what song it is?


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It may be 'Think' but It sounds like it's been layered with a load of other stuff as well. Can I get anymore help on trying to deconstruct this break, would really love to re create It or better yet find it somewhere!

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Oscar are you out there? need yr help


The break appears at 0.05 seconds in but also at 0.40 but slowed down

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I'm afraid I don't know. I asked a friend and he linked me this break. It has same percussive loop, but it's a different break otherwise.




It's from Bay B Kane's Have A Break





Ahhh man you've made my day. I've been looking for this break 4 eva. I downloaded the bay b kane compilation and I've figured out that It's a combination of 'The Chaser' and 'She-la-e' breaks. Perfect!

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