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hi watmm.


I have started out a page to share "underground" (notice, I want to share all genres, not just braindance/idm) music, inspired by mr.james and mike


I started doing this because I love sharing music, and because I am sad to see people listening to the same radio garbage all the time


I reckon if it goes viral, this could become a huge, huge thing.


I am aware I might be breaking copyright and stuff, but I genuinely dont give a fuck.


If you are interested in participating contact me, the more admins we have the better!


also, if you ever wanted to share music with a person, but never knew how, I think this is a great way to do it!


thanks for your collaboration.



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Don't quite get the point. 3rd official watmm facebook page?

nah this has nothing to do with watmm directly, is just an idea I had. I'm linking to watmm because is the only way I can help jy at the moment, I have no money to donate lol.
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