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    • Guest CJM
      By Guest CJM
      5 hour mix of my favourite Aphex tracks, from almost all his pseudonyms and styles. Enjoy

      I'm expecting this to get removed by youtube at some point
    • By fenton
      It is by far and away the best music that Aphex Twin has every made. Legions ahead.
      There are a few Analords that stick up to it.
      Everything before was pretty damn good, but The Tuss is a 'how to' on how to do.
      I hope you feel the same way.
    • Guest szabohaslam
      By Guest szabohaslam
      Many of you reading this will no doubt be familiar with Rephlex Records. About three years ago, because I'm something of a fanatic, I put together a printed discography. It features pages dedicated to Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert, Bogdan Raczysnki, Cylob, DMX Krew, The Tuss, and Ceephax Acid Crew.

      You can view the full project on my Behance profile: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Rephlex-Records-printed-discography/7730025
      Please feel free to share the project on Tumblr: http://szabohaslam.tumblr.com/

      I will be producing a limited amount to sell, with kind permission from Rephlex. You can follow me on Twitter for updates: @Szabo_Haslam

    • By pierlu
      Was going thru my favuorite youtube videos and found this one

      cool to watch, imho
    • By Revitute
      Tell me what you liked and what you didn't like.
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