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"OUT NOW!!! get it at bandcamp: https://legowelt.bandcamp.com/…/rising-sun-systems-oberheim…

Time to hit the vape and embark on the journey of your lifetime, or at least a most pleasant trip this week…or as long as your attention span can handle it--->RISING SUN SYSTEMS - OBERHEIM SPACE 11 tracks of ambient g-funk slow jams and psychedelic space muzak.
Using special frequencies to alter your brain waves and make u a smarter and better human being. Recorded at The North Sea Insitute for Quantum Consciousness, Scheveningen, Holland."

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so is "Rising Sun Systems" part of the album name or an actual pseudonym? #veryimportant

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so is "Rising Sun Systems" part of the album name or an actual pseudonym? #veryimportant

I've tagged this as a pseudonym of his on last.fm, it says so on the album artwork right? right?!


I Was Born In A Valley of Freaks and Paradoxa Fermi are amaaazing. I can't get enough of them at the moment.


If anyone liked Ceephax's Cro Magnox, you'll surely love this.

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Very pleasant listen; purchased this and am looping it while I work. Thanks for posting!


I think I like this release the most out of the stuff he's put out in the past year from this sort of space-ambient-dub genre he's creating?

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The Occult Orientated Crime Album also that too, both are really good. sounds like he hasnt stopped making these gems even after strange life is no more.


I must say I prefer this more recent OBERHEIM SPACE release.


In fact, this is currently one of my favorite legowelt releases, I've been listening to it quite a bit over the past few days!


A++ legowelt, will purchase and adore again

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this album gets better every time i hear it. hockney world is pretty nice. im not an expert on vaporwave stuff (not even close), but this album seems to skillfully and subtly skirt around that arena of ideas. seems vapor waveish without being full on vapor wave and i think thats the stuff of this type i like best. very super mellow, chill stuff going on. really cool tbh. might have to check out some of his other stuff eventually

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      In light of the current crisis Legowelt is giving away a new album for free... Lovely!
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