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Holly Herndon - Platform


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When I First heard "Home" I checked out Hollys other stuff and wished there was an entire album that sounded like that track. Judging by the preview track (which is fucking rad) thats what this album should be. Comes out may 19th apparently.




New Album: https://hollyherndon.bandcamp.com/album/platform

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I can't wait. I love Holly. I see that she's going to be playing in my state this month. I may have to go to that show.

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she's on the cover of the Wire this month as well. It's still surreal to think she was playing katabatik gigs in the forest only 2-3 years ago to where she is now. watching her trajectory has been pretty awesome

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Home is excellent, love Chorus too. I didn't like her first album at all but this is shaping up.... except for all the feat. tracks. A bug bear of mine.

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anybody heard this one :

probably my favorite


Scored this on tape recently; some top-notch long-form sound design. Too bad I got rid of the tape player in my car.. :(

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Not sure what to think fo the cover tho.

shit man. i really like it.


Part of me is just a bit bothered by the blatantly cheap photoshop drop shadow effects, particulary in those gaps around her face. Creates a bothersome "glow" to me. There's no reason to use that, imo.


But I'll get over it. One day. Perhaps.


I did notice theres bits an old oil painting of clouds in the corners, so there's more than meets the eye at first. Now I'm wondering what painting they used. Maybe a Koekkoek

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Guest bitroast

overall i just really like the disorientating effect the visual mish mash has. it's a fun psychedelic image that also caters nicely to having the artist on the cover nice and identifiable like. (also, i'm not too photoshop expert -like and not sure what drop shadow effects is really referring to so happy to play ignorant on this one)

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