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Hey folks.. just wanted to share some creations with you..






and since my nsm soundcloud account is full to the brim and i am too much of a cheapskate to go premium, i continue with the history eraser button:




when i am fed up with making space music i sometimes do this:




or i go and make some elektrobass music:




Have an awesome evening! I know you will!



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I like your works, just listened all of the tracks on soundcloud and this one, all very well made. To be a little picky :cat:, I think the name History eraser button is cool but seems not explain itself very well, I mean history is all gone and doesn't exist now, so when you push the button probably nothing will happen. :emotawesomepm9:

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thanks for the nice words..


yeah.. everything that will happen has already happened.. millions of times.. from singularity to expansion and back again.. or whatever ;) .. its just a name dude.. but thats how people function.. we have the mental disease of habitually needing to tag everything with a name.. back in the days when you hadn't learned the word tree you might have stood gaping in awe at its magnificent beauty.. now its "just" a tree.. ∆∞Ω

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