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The Time Of Ultra Is Nearing...

peace 7

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Yo mangz and mangettez! I didn't visit WATMM even once in like 6 months, cuz I was getting addicted to this place. Basically, I had to stop sucking dick for heroin and then give away my heroin, because I was spending too much time on WATMM. I hope to spend my time more responsibly here, but I dunno. That being said: HELLO.


You know how RDJ and Mike P and Gasman and Cylob and all some other peepz who I don't even know, are coming out from their wank caves and releasing old and new material and all that jazz? I haven't been here in months, but I bet this site was pulling some 5 petabytes per hour on threads about Arfox Twonz alone.


Anyway- my rhetorical question of sorts is: Do you know why this is? ...Why the smell over the windwaves is that of late 90's to early 00's barbecue?


Okay, if you've had time to think of the answer between the previous line and now, good for you. But here is the answer:



You ever get good at something? If not, you're a lazy human and should probably pat yourself on the back for unknowingly being a genius at crying after marathon masturbating. But if you've ever taken a form of expression to a high level of execution (anything accomplished at a high level becomes an artform-- everything you do is you, so basically this means "anything you can rock"), then you know the immediacy of action, the power of your movez, and the fluidity at which the impulses stream from your consciousness into the projected consciousness of this illusory reality.


It's some wicked shit.


And so I just want to tell all of you, that you have a greatness in you-- whatever your greatest interest, talent, or passion is, it has been boiling hardcore deep within you for the past 5+ years-- I know this for a fucking fact. And what does that mean? It don't mean shit if you don't do anything with it, motherfucker.


Right now is a cosmic era of ultra alignment of All, where it's like you're covered in lube and sliding down a plastic sheet on a grassy hill with no rocks. You have a running start-- you are 7, so your bones are made of rubber. BUT, if you haven't guessed it, the missing element of your current equation is the almost retarded level of bravery that you once had when literally sliding down such plastic sheets. Or thinking you could ollie across the Grand Canyon that one time you died, etc.


So the stars and Zeus himself are in promotional mode for your efforts, and simultaneously to all beings, the vibez are like: "Yo dawg, check out what this guy/gyal can do, it's fuckin' dope." And I know you don't want to let the ultra gods down, because that is a disgrace to humanity; a disgrace to yourself as a being of greatness. Fuck performing at a level to impress humans or impressing that one hot chick at work who you want so bad who smells like pure pheromone panties-- you HAVE skill, and you ARE awesome, and if you can perform on this plane for the ultra gods and the stars, YOU WILL BE REWARDED IMMENSELY. You know who can reward you more than all of existence? Yourself. But you don't know that unless you perform for the cosmos. It's a human mind trick that needs to be done due to logistics and logics of brain chemz, but if you can fuck it all and jumpkick through the wall of self-restraint and fear, with a heart of glistening diamonds larger than Jupiter, then you will be transported to an alternate dimension where your love is a light of a billion Suns (...possibly transported by aliens, but really, greys haven't abducted regularly for over 40 years-- so if you are strapped to a bed with greys doing surgery over you, you might actually be in realtime molestation by perverts in plastic masks). Anyway- I know this, because I am communicating and sending this message out through multiple dimensions, because cosmic soldiers for the battle of infinity are being recruited, and it is my duty and privilege to be able to write this post.


Now is the easiest time in your whole life that you will ever know (until you know it again in the phuture time) where you can make all previous versions of yourself look like shit. If you can imagine an ideal version of yourself and your life- that version is actually right at your fingertips at a distance smaller than the smallest known particles. Time is on your side. The ether is on your side. Zeus is on your side. All of the greater good of humanity and Gaia are on your side. .....Are you on your side?


Godspeed cosmic warriors. You are truly your only limit to Ze Ultra.

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Hey, y'all~! Fenkz for all the "welcome back"s, yo. *a single IDM tear rolls down my lazer heart...*


As for my post-- dead serious, yo. "It is time....." I just hope I posted in time to push those who've been on the fence of Ultra, over to the side of self-oscillating 27th dimensional strength.


Don't be that one genius who never bathes. Bathe, dammit. Bathe. Be fragrant of essential oils and exude confidence in even your breathing. And cleaning/organizing one's environment need not be an OCD venture of stress and internal breakdown-- it can be done casually with nonchalant ease.


Energetic flow is determined by the organization of elements in the system, which is why even feng shui-ing that one lamp or rug a few centimeters left could have grand changes in output in the long run. Create the most aesthetic systems, and the vibez of Ultra will flow with least resistance. If microscopes have taught us anything-- being truest to nature ain't got no room for sloppiness. Spirals, fractals, golden ratio, that one demo that you need to finish, etc. All pure form Love, mang.


You have the power of the universe in your hands, always. He-Man ain't got shit on you, because even though him and his crew claim "masters of the universe", they have enemies. True Ultra has no enemies. It is not about violence or fighting. But if need be- if it does get to that- it will be about exploding heads and vaporizing armies with the blink of an eye; as a system of Love with actions dictated by human strength and realizing that the return from death can be made into a positive outcome, if death is by the gentle, caring hand of Love and Light.

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