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An array of tracks to keep it unreal, from the likes of Muslimgauze, Nurse With Wound, Ingram Marshall, Lustmord, Psychic TV, Coil, Peter Christopherson, Cluster, Cyclobe, Jon Hassell, Boards Of Canada & Robert Ashley. Track-list in a bit,,,,,,,,,


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Muslimgauze - Down Chad (edit)
Nurse With Wound - The Part Of Me Which Is That Part In You Is Now Dead
Nurse With Wound - Ag Canadh Thuas Sa Speir
Advisory Circle - Clear Yarn Warning
Tuxedomoon - A Mystic Death
Ingram Marshall - Gradual Requiem Pt4
Lustmord & Robert Rich - Delusion Fields
Memento Mori - 1st Mix
Soisong - Amkhapaa
ELpH vs Coil - Manunkind
Blood Meridian excerpt
Advisory Circle - Swinscoe Episode 1 - 'Enter Swinscoe'
Threshold Houseboys Choir - Ikoreek
Jeff Bridges - Sleep. Dream. Wake-up
Flowering Crone - For Leonora Carrington (Ayahuasca Mix)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Tiny Reminder
Advisory Circle - Sundial
Psychic TV - Thee Shadow Creatures
Blood Meridian excerpt
WhollyBooks - Through the Black Mountains to Caerleon/For Arthur Machen
Coil - Hobgoblins (edit)
COH - Silence Is Golden
Cyclobe - The Blue and the Green
Scott Gibbons/Lilith - Reciprocal
The Focus Group - Underwater Pries
Bernard Parmegiani - Matières Induites
Marshall Ingram - Gradual Requiem: Part 3
UnicaZürn ‎– Track 01/Temporal Lapse
UnicaZürn - Part One/Propeller Guru
Cluster - Seltsame Gegend
Jon Hassell - Mevlana Duke
Thighpaulsandra - Optical Black
Boards of Canada - Olson
Robert Ashley - Flying Saucer Dialogue

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