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Working LEGO Turntable


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  • 6 months later...

Turns out there's been a whole little Lego record player building scene on Youtube for a few years, who'd have thought?


The one you posted is by far the nicest looking though, although one of the oldest ones has it beat on the presentation front:


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    • By Hugh Mughnus
      I did not see a thread like this yet so figured I'd see what kind of response I get.

      This is a place to post all things stereo related. For example, what kind of amp/reciever/speakers/sub do you use? Do you prefer vintage or modern stereo equipment? Headphones? Different brands of stereo equipment, pros/cons. etc.

      Also, post pictures of your setup guys and gals! My listening rooms are really important to me, it would be cool to see what everyones listening spaces look like.

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      Finished soldering my 4th eurorack module today, the turing machine by music thing. Even though I didn't add any extra flux while soldering I noticed the boards were quite sticky and had some specks of solder on them so decided to try to clean them a bit with cotton swabs and 96% alcohol. While doing this a whole bunch of the joints developed a white crust that doesn't look good at all. I googled a bit but got overwhelmed trying to figure out what it could be so I turn to the watmm hive-mind for help. Here's a pic: (feel free to ridicule my crummy soldering skills)

      This is after going over the whole board, as you can see not all the joints are as badly affected... I used 60/40 leaded soldering tin with a flux core. There's still a lot of flux but I stopped what I was doing when I noticed the white oxidation or whatever it is.   
      Anyone have any idea what I should do? I've some distilled water as well but don't wanna try anything else before getting some advice from someone who isn't as ignorant as myself. 
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